Divorce should only Happen 1 Time

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Divorce should only Happen 1 Time Empty Divorce should only Happen 1 Time

Post  George on Wed May 06, 2009 12:38 pm

It just hit me....today like a brick in the head.

Divorce should only happen once. If you got married and believed in the covenant of marriage and it still resulted in divorce than you are not fit to be married. DO NOT REMARRY. There is a reason why you got divorced. Everyone wants to blame the other person and think that they were the normal one, so they can leave that marriage with a clean slate and try again. That doesn't make any sense. If you got married it should have been until death do you part, so if it resulted in divorce, you and your partner of are equal blame and should carry that with you when it is finalized. Don't go out in the world and corrupt someone else. What makes you think anything would be different this time around- you are still involved! You may think that the your new "prize" is just so much easier to deal with, or perhaps that you have changed and evolved and will do better this time, but I think that past performances affect future results!

Sorry, don't mean to be negative but I can't stand all these families with half-sisters, step sisters, real brothers, half brothers, step dad, real dad, new mom etc... that still result in nothing but divorce. How confusing for children to experience this and think they will hold and value to the abstinence and the covenant of marriage. What a joke!


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Divorce should only Happen 1 Time Empty Not always the case

Post  Hilary on Wed May 06, 2009 1:05 pm


I hear what you are saying and sometimes that is the case, but alot of second marriages turn out to be successful. The first marriage could have ended for reason other than "simply not getting along". It could have been abuse, it could have been an affair, it could have been an addiction.

I would like to point out one thing from you last comment that isn't always the case. Look at our current President- Barrack Obama. He is married to his first and only wife, they both have master's degrees at Harvard, they have two great kids and they have the best jobs in the world. All this when Presiden't Obama's mother had two marriages resulting in two divorces and a father that had multiple wifes at the same time. He has a very complicated family tree, but he now has a very traditional family. It all comes back to the individual in my opinion.

Hilary (not Clinton)


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Divorce should only Happen 1 Time Empty Remarry? Be wise!

Post  anniewoo on Wed May 13, 2009 5:04 pm

I agree that every person should carry out a personal inventory of his involvement in a relationship. Based on the cause/effect theory..."What did I do to cause this situation and what effect did it have on my spouse?"

I do believe there is a reason for a person to remarry! There are innocent people who choose partners who wind up being unfaithful to them. Yes, there are innocent victims who deserve a second chance with a person who is willing to live up to the vow "till death do us part." However, I agree that a person who demonstrates a pattern of deceit cannot be trusted and should never remarry!

That brings me to this point of reasoning: Wisely choose your marriage partner for better or for worse.


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Divorce should only Happen 1 Time Empty Re: Divorce should only Happen 1 Time

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