Catholic woman, Jewish man

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Catholic woman, Jewish man Empty Catholic woman, Jewish man

Post  Rachel on Sun Apr 19, 2009 4:56 pm

I had been in an unhappy marriage to a miserable, angry man. We shared virtually nothing in common, though he had grown up Catholic like me. Now I am very happily married to a Jewish man. We have much in common and treat other very well. We attend each other's respective religious services which typically sitmulates thoughtful discussion. My two brothers have great difficulty that I am not married to someone "of the faith." They overlook the fact that he understands love more than most men. Isn't that what God's message is all about? They refer to us as "unequally yoked" while I refer to us as "mutually stimulated."


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Catholic woman, Jewish man Empty I used to think that way too

Post  Sam on Tue Apr 21, 2009 9:44 pm

I'm in my fifties now and I can honestly say that 20 years ago I would have probably thought the same way as your brothers. Now, though, I am much less dogmatic about those things and it stems from a deeper appreciation of who is eligible to be loved by God (the world). Knowing your beliefs is good to a point, but I draw the line when it keeps you from being able to love those whose theology is not "perfect." It's arrogant for one group to say they have God completely figured out.


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Catholic woman, Jewish man Empty More info needed.

Post  anniewoo on Sun May 17, 2009 12:13 am

I am glad that you have found happiness in your life! Did you really marry the first man because he was of the "same faith"? From your post, it seems religion is not the top priority in your marriages. I'm not clear on this, but it seems your brothers think that "being equally yoked" to someone is your ticket to heaven?


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Catholic woman, Jewish man Empty Re: Catholic woman, Jewish man

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