Are you serious????

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Are you serious???? Empty Are you serious????

Post  Katie on Wed May 06, 2009 12:19 pm

Kylie, you really feel that asking one to mean what they say is asking too much? I gave the option to not say anything at all, which half the men out there do. It's just really sad that the other half do speak and speak to much and therfore can't live upto their word. I really feel like men are a completely different alien species. It's hard to find common ground between the different countries, languages, religions, races etc. but one thing stays consistent: The way men act and think-It's a GLOBAL PHENOMENON! Question Exclamation Question


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Are you serious???? Empty people of our word

Post  david on Thu May 14, 2009 11:10 pm

it seems to me that consistency and predictability is paramount for a successful marital relationship. when we say one thing and do another, then we are not people of our word, and that creates trust and reliability issues between husband and wife. it can get to the point where one spouse stops believing what the other says they will/will not do. i don't believe there is gender bias as discussed in the previous post, it can go both ways. i think lowered expectations and pragmatism bodes well here. we all need to have some slack cut every once in a while. but if it is an important matter, then you have to belly up to the bar and walk the talk.


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