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Post  Marriage on Sat Apr 18, 2009 8:41 am

Terrell is a sports junkie. His wife, Janice, does not mind that he enjoys sports, yet his interest in sports is so pervasive that it detracts greatly from the marriage. For instance, he plays golf most weekends, goes hunting when possible, coaches his son’s football and basketball teams, and watches games on television whenever he can. When Janice asks that he reprioritize, he will either tell her no or go along with her separate preference grudgingly. Janice has been withdrawing from him as she realizes that Terrell is not inclined to show the sensitivity she needs. When they dated, he seemed to have greater balance in his activities, but now he tells her that she’ll just have to get used to his schedule. Janice wonders if she has done something that has put her in chronic disfavor to her husband.

How Would You Respond?


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Post  Kim on Mon Apr 20, 2009 8:59 pm

This husband is not a sports junkie, he's a narcissist whose indulgence is sports. I don't know what boundaries or consequences she can establish but she needs to communicate that she is not interested in enabling such selfishness. She can stop being his maid service and let him know that as long as he spends most of his time away from her, she won't play the role of dutiful servant who is just supposed to stay at home and wash his precious clothes. He can cook his own meals too. This isn't being passive aggressive. It's just communicating that she is not his stay at home slave.


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