Tips for Happy Married Life

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Tips for Happy Married Life Empty Tips for Happy Married Life

Post  carolinesmith on Thu Apr 22, 2010 3:22 am

Be independent:
Just because you marry, it doesn't mean you must embrace everything about your partner. Sometimes, you forget about how different you two are because you've been together for so long. Don't lose your uniqueness because it's the same thing that attracted both you and your partner in the first place. Try to take on different interests and encourage your partner to do so too.

Never be angry at the same time:
When you're angry, you hear nothing else and you don't care about anything else. If you find that both you and your partner are angry, try to have some space. Calm down. Then talk. Be sensitive to each other's ups and downs. Talk through the problem and hear each other out. Abandon the whole world rather than each other. And never go to sleep without settling the argument. Most importantly, never yell at each other unless the house is on fire.

Exhibit mutual respect :
To make a marriage healthy and happy, both the partners should mutually respect each other and value each other’s emotions and feelings. Both might have a different attitude towards life, but then that’s where your persistence and love towards each other makes your marriage happy.

Be Innovative :
To keep your romance alive, be innovative at times. The daily chores of life takes away all the sheen and shine. To bring back that spark, do something innovative with each other that the surprise pleases your partner surprisingly. It shall definitely revive the magic of your relationship. Show the affection, care and love in a special way at times. It is needed!

There are times when married life will make you think back to your sensational single days with longing and alarm. When the love of your life is driving you bananas, it is time to remember how sexy/ suave/ smart/ sensitive your partner was the night you first decided that they are 'the one'. Remember how lucky you are to have someone who puts up with all of your nonsense. If through everything, you remember to be grateful for landing the most wonderful person on the planet, your marriage will reflect that, every day.


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